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Personalized Ancestry Travel Packages

Have you ever considered bringing your family tree research to life by visiting the towns and villages where your ancestors came from?  Ancestors in Europe can save you a great deal of time and frustration by creating and organizing a custom Ancestry Vacation for you.

Each personalized Ancestry Travel Package includes the following:

Creation of a customized itinerary based on the areas of your family
Ancestry, which you & your loved ones would like to explore

A Personalized, Privately Guided Family Ancestry Tour, including:
   - Local Guide + all Transportation
              - Characteristic B&B's or Hotels
              - Personalized travel itinerary based on a mix of ancestry information
                 and other family interests

Family Heirloom Album detailing your journey back in time to discover your European Ancestry:
              - Your Family Tree (Ancestry details supplied by you)                
              - Detailed Family Tour Itinerary
              - Historical and Cultural information about towns, villages,
                 neighborhoods and occupations of your ancestors
              - Personal Family Photos (as supplied by you)

  If you have not already conducted your own ancestry research, we

           can help you get started.  Depending on the countries you come from,

           we may also offer Genealogy Research services that suit your needs.

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Ancestors in Europe services are tailored to each individual family. To find out more about our services or obtain a quotation, contact us and we'll be happy to help!

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